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for life's

Trinity Demask’s music is a soundtrack for life’s little detours, breakdowns, and roadside revelations.  Her enthralling voice and melodic, insightful songwriting capture the essence of life’s journeys with tales that are both personal and universal.  Some songs lift you like a carefree, summer joyride while others explore the dark, empty places off the beaten path, shining a light of hope in the darkness.  Whichever road you find yourself on, you will find a warm and resourceful travel companion in Trinity’s songs.  Have a listen and come along for the ride!

L A T E S T   N E W S

I'm now hosting an open mic at Aspen Lodge Bar and Grill in Westminster on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month (Click here for more details).  Come hungry because Aspen Lodge has wonderful food.  The Mediterranean specialties are scrumptious, and if you can't decide between the typical pub fare and Mediterranean, try the Mesut Burger.  Delicious!  Great food, a full bar, an espresso machine, a bunch of friendly and talented musicians... what better way to spend a Tuesday evening?

I co-host two STAGE C shows in Denver at the Mercury Cafe and in Arvada at Living Water Spiritual Community.  The Denver show is monthly (with the exception of July and December) and the Arvada show is quarterly (March, June, September, and December). Stage C is a network of live, community variety shows, with featured musicians, poets, storytellers, child and teen acts, participatory activities to include the audience, interviews and more.  Stage C is a collaborative effort with a focus on "Connecting Community and Creativity."  Stage C is a venue to nurture the creativity of community members and thus enrich and enliven community life.

If you'd like to be involved either as a performer or as a volunteer at any of the Stage C shows, please visit www.stagec.com/participate.html

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