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for life's

Trinity Demask’s music is a soundtrack for life’s little detours, breakdowns, and roadside revelations.  Her enthralling voice and melodic, insightful songwriting capture the essence of life’s journeys with tales that are both personal and universal.  Some songs lift you like a carefree, summer joyride while others explore the dark, empty places off the beaten path, shining a light of hope in the darkness.  Whichever road you find yourself on, you will find a warm and resourceful travel companion in Trinity’s songs.  Have a listen and come along for the ride!

L A T E S T   N E W S


I am standing at the base of a metaphorical mountain; two mountains, actually. The first is the launch of my first official crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the second mountain: recording my third CD "Elemental."

I’m very excited to be launching this campaign as I have literally been waiting years to record these songs. But the bottom line is, I can't make this CD without your help.

A lot has changed since I recorded my last CD “Crucible.” Vocal surgery, a difficult divorce, moving multiple times, juggling a handful of diverse jobs to keep a roof over my head, and a plethora of other obstacles have left little time or energy to tackle recording. However, I continued to write during this time and I think I captured a lot of magic during this time of struggle. Now, I have the opportunity to finally record these songs with some stellar musicians including pianist Doug Roche and vocalist Anne Preston-Brisnehan and I'm excited to bring them fully to life and share them with you.

My goal is to raise $5,000 by May 31, 2015 and to have the CD completed by the end of May 2015. This will cover studio time, paying musicians, mixing, mastering, graphic design, manufacturing/packaging, and other costs associated with the production of this CD. I’ve created a variety of sponsorship levels, each with a different gift for your support. If you’d rather just donate an amount of your choosing, you can do that as well.

Whether you donate in order to pre-order your CD or you’d like to give more and be part of bringing this musical creation to life, your support is essential and greatly appreciated.

Please visit www.fundly.com/trinitydemask to view the sponsorship levels and to learn more about how you can be a part of the making of "Elemental."

If you don't feel comfortable contributing online or if you want to pre-order multiple copies of the CD, you can mail a check to:
Excaligurl Records
P.O. Box 746494
Arvada, CO 80006-6494.



I’m involved in a very exciting project that could change the face of music as we know it. And I'd like you to join me! You can try it out for free, no strings attached.

The Standing “O” Project is a new, online musical venture. It’s designed to connect singer-songwriters and music fans in original and profound ways. In the process, music fans get to support artists in... you guessed it, original and profound ways.

Launched by John Dillon and Viv Nesbitt from Art of the Song Creativity Radio, The Standing “O” Project goes deep into music that might be considered to have “limited commercial potential.” In other words, the kind of music you and I enjoy.

The Standing “O” Project website is a place where singer-songwriters and fans gather for a different kind of musical experience.

~ Artists bring their music.
~ Fans bring their support.
~ John & Viv bring hundreds of hours of rare interviews from their Art of the Song radio show (and if you're like me and love hearing artists talk about their craft and what inspires them, you'll find this addictive!)

And in a way, The Standing “O” Project does what your radio station used to be so good at: offering surprises and rich content that keep you engaged and wanting to hear more (unlike what we hear on the radio now, which is the same song just about every hour, right?).

And here’s the best part: the fans who support The Standing “O” Project are also supporting the musicians who make it possible. Independent artists share in the membership contributions, providing a revenue stream to help them continue creating music.

Basically, we’re all working together to build an artistic empire of good music, human connection and flourishing creativity for the common good.

Sound like an old fashioned idea? It kind of is. Except now, we have the power of the internet to make it possible.

Come and see what all the standing is about. Try it FREE for 10 days, no card required.

Visit www.standingoproject.com/artist/trinitydemask

Check out my page, and click the “Start Free Trial” button at the top. Let me know what you think once you start digging around in there. I hope you love it as much as I do.


Trinity hosts an open mic at Aspen Lodge Bar and Grill in Westminster on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month. (Click here for more details).  Come hungry because Aspen Lodge has wonderful food.  The Mediterranean specialties are scrumptious, and if you can't decide between the typical pub fare and Mediterranean, try the Mesut Burger.  Delicious!  Great food, a full bar, an espresso machine, a bunch of friendly and talented musicians... what better way to spend a Tuesday evening?

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